God's Winning Women  - "Women Empowered by God to Make a Difference
...(And God) is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us"   Ephesians 3:20  KJV
Rev. DeByii L. Sababu-Thomas, Ph.D.
 Pastor, Teacher, Preacher, Coach, Servant Leader 
& Sister-friend

          Rev. Dr. DeByii L. Sababu Thomas is a "Born-again, Spirit-filled and Spirit-led woman whose goal is to love the Lord with all of her heart, all of her soul and all of her strength…. but she is also a woman who strives to love God’s people as she loves her self!!”.  Although ordained as an Elder in the A.M.E. Church, Rev. DeByii (as most people call her) has a ministry that is inter-denominational, inter-cultural, inter-generational and inter-active.  She has been blessed to teach, to lecture and to minister God’s Word in truth, in power and in love, throughout the nation and the Caribbean to people of all ages, religions, races and creeds.

          Over the past three decades of ministry, Rev. Debyii has sought to be “faithful servant and vessel of honor” for God.  She accepted her call to Kingdom service and her call to preach under the anointed leadership of Bishop John and Rev. Dr. Cecelia Bryant at Bethel A.M.E. Church in Baltimore where she served on the ministerial staff.  Since that time, she has assisted her husband, the Rev. Dr. Michael O. Thomas, in ministry, as he serves as the Senior Pastor of Ward Memorial AME Church in Washington, DC, as well as, when he served as pastors of other churches in the Maryland area.  Additionally, during the beginnings of her ministry, she was honored to be one of the founders, as well as one of the first broadcast announcers at WEAA-FM radio in Baltimore and one of its most inspirational Gospel DJs. 
           Currently, God has blessed Rev. DeByii to be the Founder and Senior Minister of God’s Winning Women Worldwide Ministries, Inc.”  God’s Winning Women is a ministry designed to “Empower Godly Women to make a difference in their lives, their families, their communities and their world!"  It is a unique teaching, healing and sharing experience that takes place monthly in Landover, Maryland, as well as in other cities during the year. Women from all seasons in their lives, at all places on their journeys and in all phases of their ministries come together to affirm, proclaim and celebrate the awesome presence of God in their lives which always causes them to Triumph in Christ Jesus”. In other words, they begin to realize that, regardless of their situation or circumstance, they are still GOD’s Winning Women!!!

          Rev. DeByii truly believes that one should "study to show oneself approved unto God".  She is a life-long learner, who values education and believes that all that we learn should be used to honor God by edifying and strengthening our families and communities and by advancing our Community of Faith.  To that end, she studied at Morgan State University, in Baltimore and at the Divinity Schools of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Howard University in Washington, DC.  She was truly blessed to earn the traditional Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) Degree in Organizational & Religious Communications at Howard University.  However, she is clear that God has always called her to a P.H.D. Ministry, that is, a ministry characterized by Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance!

          God has gifted Rev. Debyii with the special anointing to "rightly divide the Word of Truth" through teaching and inspiring others. As a motivational speaker, God sends her to countless, organizations, civic and social groups and colleges throughout the nation to release and awaken a spirit of excellence and leadership based on faith, hope and love. As an anointed teacher and professor, God has given her assignments at the Community College of Baltimore, Morgan State University, and Virginia Technical Institute-Fairfax Virginia.  However, Dr. Thomas’ most fulfilling and stimulating assignment was during the time she served as an Assistant Professor in the School of Communications at Howard University.  Before retiring in June 2013 after twenty-five years of service, God “blessed her and allowed her to be a blessing” to innumerable students, faculty and staff.  
          Because of her love and her commitment, she was honored by her students over twelve times as an “Outstanding Teacher” and was listed in the 2004 & 2005 editions of “Who’s Who of American Teachers”.  One of her most cherished campus “assignments” was to have served as the Faculty Advisor for the Ambassadors For Christ, a student organization that sought to provide mentoring and spiritual support for Christian students at the University. Her years of faithful commitment to her profession has resulted in her receiving numerous other awards for her outstanding contributions in the fields of radio broadcasting, religious, educational and community service.  Nevertheless, she is a humble servant who undoubtedly realizes that all the credit, honor and glory must be given to God, because "she is what she is only by the Grace of God".

           Pastors Michael and DeByii have been blessed to raise four gifted children: one daughter, Mercii and three sons Micah, Michael-Jakim & Melech.  They are even more grateful that two of their sons, Micah & Melech, have accepted their “call to ministry”. She asks that you would pray for her, as well as her family, so that God might use them to be a blessing to all who love the Lord. She also asks that you would pray that they might be a faithful witness to those who have not experienced the Love of God in their lives. 

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