God's Winning Women  - "Women Empowered by God to Make a Difference
Our Purpose
God’s Winning Women Worldwide Ministries 
is an interdenominational, inter-generational, inter-cultural and interactive ministry designed to “Empower the Wonderful Women of God through the Miraculous Word and the Magnificent Love of God”.  This unique teaching, healing and sharing experience takes place on the Second Sunday evening of each month at the Radisson Hotel in Landover, MD and in other places, such as requested.  Included in the places where we have gathered are Baltimore, Northern Virginia, San Francisco, and Bermuda.   
Our goal is for each of us to see ourselves and each other as Kingdom Sisters and to recognize that we have been called by God to assume our rightful places as the Victorious Heirs of God and Joint-Heirs with Jesus. 
Our services are opportunities for women to relax, relate, release, regroup and rebound!!!
It is a place where we can take the time from our busy lives to come together to pray, sing, encourage, rejoice, dance, rejoice and immerse ourselves in the Word of God.   Burdens are lifted, yokes destroyed.  Beauty takes the place of ashes, the oil of joy for mourning. It is a time when your Voice is acknowledged and respected.
As a result, we are healed, delivered, strengthened and empowered.  It is God at God's best, pouring out His love on His Daughters......
And we are ever grateful.
 For by You, I can run against a troop;
By my God, I can leap over a wall.
2 Samuel 22:30
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