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"In all these things we are more than conquerors
 through Christ Jesus who strengthens us"


Praise the Lord, My Sisters! 

It’s hard to believe that it is August already! The summer has gone by too quickly.But, though it has been a short, it has a drama-filled summer, one that has seen its share of challenges! One of the challenges that has had an effect on so many of us is in the form of the persistent clouds and rains that seem to have made an appointment with every week and then they stay there two or three days! 

I believe that the clouds that we see in the skies are first cousins, if not siblings, to the clouds that we feel in our lives. And as I’ve studied clouds, (and even talked to them--yes I communicate with all of God's creatures and creations..LOL), I've realized that clouds have a purpose and that if you don't understand that, then you're subject to the secrets of the clouds.  But the Wise Woman has to be able to "Un-zip" the dark clouds to reveal the blessings of that what is behind their curtain!!! 

This Sunday, at God's Winning Women, we’re going to take a little time and examine this phenomena called "clouds". So, please join us as we "Un-ZIP" The Secrets of the Clouds!  We'll be examining the conversation that Elihu had with Job about God's relationship with clouds.  This could get deep..LOL. But one thing we know is that you will be blessed!!!  

 I pray that you can come and tell a Friend  or an Enemy!!! 

 #TheZipperintheClouds #BlessedintheRain
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