God's Winning Women  - "Women Empowered by God to Make a Difference

Welcome to the Winner's Circle!
We are so glad you decided to visit our website.  It is no accident that you found us! 
We've been waiting for you to join us in our Winner's Circle...a circle of women who have finally realized that we are Winners !!
We are women from all seasons in our lives,
at all places on our journeys and in all phases of our ministries.  We are sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, wives, widows, married, single, divorced.  We are a Circle of Sisters connected to each other by our Faith in God, our Esteem for each other and our Calling to make a difference in the lives of others.
We come together on the SECOND Sunday of each month for our SISTERSHIP Celebrations.
When we gather, we acknowledge, affirm and celebrate the awesome presence of God in our lives.  As we come together, the power of God is manifested in our lives; and it is that power which always causes us to Triumph in Christ Jesus”. In other words, we realize and proclaim that, regardless of our struggle, situation or circumstance, we are still GOD’s Winning Women!!! 
To that end, 
We are committed to winning back our families, our friends, our communities, our churches, our cities and our world for the cause of Christ.  We are empowered by the Marvelous Love and the Awesome Word of God.  It gives us the strength to become God's agents of change, vessels of honor and daughters of excellence. 
Together, we areGOD’s WINNING WOMEN!!!
In case you're going through a rough time or a tough time, it's your time to step up to your calling...to recognize the Victory that you already have. 
We can help you "Walk It out" and "Win It in"
We Walk and Win together through Christ.
We are GOD’s WINNING WOMEN!!!...
                       AND YOU CAN BE ONE, TOO!!!!
Now thanks be unto God
which causes us to Triumph in Christ. 
II Corinthians 2:14a
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