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A Mother's Day Message
(Please read to the end)

Praise the Lord, My Sisters!!!

Just wanted to Thank God for you and all that you do.

As Mother's Day approaches, I pray that we will take time to celebrate Mothers, in all the forms that we take...
Step Mothers,
Grand Mothers,
Foster Mothers,
Surrogate Mothers,
Play Mothers,
Auntie Mothers,
Big-Sister Mothers,
Church Mothers,
Work Mothers,
School Mothers and the list goes on!

I pray that those of us whose Mothers are in Heaven will relish in the memories that we are blessed to have! It still hurts and I don't think we'll ever get over it. But just remembering the funny things or the special things they did for us or with us can lift some of the loneliness off.

I pray for Mothers whose child (children) preceded them in death, I can't imagine the pain that you've experienced, especially, not having the child that called them Mother with them on Mother's Day. I pray that the rest of their families would surround them and let you know you are loved and that their death was not in vain.

I also pray for Mothers who have lost their children to drugs, jail, mental illness, indifference, hate, anger or any manifestation of self-destructive behavior. I pray that you will not spend so much time blaming yourself. It's so important to recognize that our children are subject to many other outside sources of influence, some which are negative. Sometimes, it takes the Hand of God to intervene and make the difference. Just never give up.

Finally, I pray
+that if you think that your Mother did not do all that she could or that she wasn't as perfect as you have some issues with how she "mothered" you, then I pray for you to forgive her. For, if she's like most of us who are Mothers, I'm sure she did all that she could or knew how to.

+and I pray that we will Forgive Ourselves when we "miss the mark" of being the perfect Mother, the awesome Wife or obedient daughter. After all, we are just human, finite, limited and fragile.

All I know God is that You said, 
You have plans for Mothers, 
plans to give us a Hope and A Good Future, 
plans to Prosperous us, so we can be Healed, as our Souls Prosper.

You've Got this God... 
Only You make us Miraculous Mothers, 
Dedicated Daughters and 
Supportive Sisters!

Father, it was your day first, you made it....

Therefore, we step out of your way.

Please, Take Charge of this Mothers' Day Season and 
Set us on Fire to be your 
-Forward Moving Women... In Jesus' Name. Amen

So, my Sisters,
Let's Get Ready,
+to knock the dirt off our shoulders, 
+put some anointed Vaseline oil in our faces
+take off our earrings,
+kick the dust off our feet,
+grab our stiletto and
+kick the enemy out of our Mothers Day, (Fathers day, Memorial Day, Flag day or any Day that the Lord had made) and
+take back our joy, our hope, our dreams, our love, our creativity, our families, our destinies, our Motherhood!

I'm in.... Are you?

Love you much,
"Mother" Debyii

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